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    Penser la paix économique : au-delà de l’harmonie sociale, les conditions de pacification de l’économie
    with Fiona Ottaviani
    Revue de Philosophie Économique 2 83-113. 2021.
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    The idea of economic peace is a “counterpoint” to a warlike view of the economy. Viewing things in terms of economic peace makes it possible to develop a different economic anthropology. The idea of economic peace is used to think about a fundamental revision of the relationships to self and between actors. It sits at the intersection of peace studies, social and cognitive psychology, institutional conventionalist approaches, postmodernist philosophy and sinology. By employing the inchoate conce…Read more
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    Mindfulness as a mediator between the effective and the ethical manager
    with Raffi Duymedjian
    Business Ethics: A Critical Approach: Integrating Ethics Across the Business World. forthcoming.