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    Confirmatory Factor Analysis of a Revised Death Transcendence Scale
    with Nore Gjolaj
    Archive for the Psychology of Religion 33 (1): 79-91. 2011.
    Using a sample of 296 university students, this study examined the reliability and factorial validity of the Death Transcendence Scale using Confirmatory Factor Analysis . Reliability analyses found that with the exclusion of one item from the Nature subscale, all five DTS subscales showed satisfactory reliability. A CFA completed to test the goodness of fit of a correlated five-factor model produced mostly positive support for the test, though there were some indications of poor fit. Initial re…Read more
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    Transpersonal Psychology, Parapsychology, and Neurobiology: Clarifying their Relations
    with Harris L. Friedman
    International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 31 (1): 49-60. 2012.
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    Identity and spirituality: Conventional and transpersonal perspectives
    International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 28 (1): 86-106. 2009.
    Though the relation of spirituality to self has long been recognized in established spiritual and religious systems, serious scientific interest in spirituality and its relation to identity has only started to grow in the past 20 years. This paper overviews the literature on spirituality and identity. Particular attention is given to describing and critiquing conventional and transpersonal perspectives with emphasis given to empirically testable theories. Using MacDonald’s five dimensional model…Read more
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    Spiritual Identity: Individual Perspectives
    In Seth J. Schwartz, Koen Luyckx & Vivian L. Vignoles (eds.), Handbook of Identity Theory and Research, Springer Science+business Media. pp. 531--544. 2011.
  • Editors’ Introduction
    with Harris L. Friedman
    International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 25 (1): 69-69. 2006.
  • Gebser 's Integral Consciousness and Living in the Real World: Facilitating its Emergence Using A Course In Miracles
    with Cornelius J. Holland
    International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 25 (1): 70-76. 2006.
    This paper discusses certain parallels between the work of Jean Gebser, the European philosopher and student of consciousness, and A Course in Miracles , a contemporary spiritual system. More specifically, it 1) establishes parallels between Gebser’s conception of the ego, especially its basis in anger, and the ego according to ACIM, and 2) shows how a forgiveness exercise may lead to a time-free present, called in ACIM, “The Holy Instant.”
  • Editors’ Introduction
    with Harris Friedman
    International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 24 (1). 2005.
  • Spirituality and the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical Scales
    with Diana M. Mendez
    International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 31 (1): 1-10. 2012.
  • Editors’ Introduction
    with Harris Friedman
    International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 22 (1). 2003.