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    The Dynamic Turn: On Syntax between Langue and Parole
    Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure 62 117-132. 2009.
    In this article I present the conception of syntax emerging from the “dynamic approach” to syntax and semantics, developed in the last few decades, moving from the critic to the static theories of language, either those developed in the Chomskian framework or those based on Montague’s grammar. I will suggest that this view can be fruitfully compared with Saussure’s position on syntax.
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    The Square of Opposition and Generalized Quantifiers
    In J.-Y. Beziau & Dale Jacquette (eds.), Around and Beyond the Square of Opposition, Birkhäuser. pp. 219--227. 2012.
    In this paper I propose a set-theoretical interpretation of the logical square of opposition, in the perspective opened by generalized quantifier theory. Generalized quantifiers allow us to account for the semantics of quantificational Noun Phrases, and of other natural language expressions, in a coherent and uniform way. I suggest that in the analysis of the meaning of Noun Phrases and Determiners the square of opposition may help representing some semantic features responsible to different log…Read more
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    Generalized Quantifiers: Logic and Language
    Logic and Philosophy of Science 9 (No. 1): 85-94. 2011.
    The Generalized Quantifiers Theory, I will argue, in the second half of last Century has led to an important rapprochement, relevant both in logic and in linguistics, between logical quantification theories and the semantic analysis of quantification in natural languages. In this paper I concisely illustrate the formal aspects and the theoretical implications of this rapprochement.