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    What God Does Not Possess: Moses Mendelssohn’s Philosophy of Imperfection
    Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy 27 (1): 26-59. 2019.
    This paper proposes that Moses Mendelssohn’s Morning Hours be viewed as the final chapter in a philosophy of imperfection that Mendelssohn had been developing over the course of his life. It is further argued that this philosophy of imperfection is still of philosophical interest. After demonstrating that the concept of imperfection animates Mendelssohn’s early work, this paper turns towards the specific arguments about imperfection Mendelssohn made in the midst of the pantheism controversy—in p…Read more
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    Mendelssohn’s Aesthetics of Critical Tolerance
    Idealistic Studies 47 (1): 123-140. 2017.
    This paper revisits Moses Mendelssohn’s political theology through his early aesthetic writings, and in conjunction with his later writing on politics and religion, unearths a model of religious toleration that can respond to many contemporary critiques of tolerance, especially those which draw from Jacobi and Schmitt’s decisionist political theology.