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    Appropriation Art, Fair Use, and Metalinguistic Negotiation
    British Journal of Aesthetics. forthcoming.
    Appropriation art involves the use of pre-existing works of art with little to no transformation. Works of AA fail to satisfy established criteria for originality, such as creative labour and transformative use. As such, appropriation artists are often subject to copyright lawsuits and defend their work under the fair use doctrine of US copyright law. In legal cases regarding AA and fair use, judges lack a general principle whereby they can determine whether or not the offending party has ‘trans…Read more
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    Disability studies, conceptual engineering, and conceptual activism
    Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 1-30. forthcoming.
    In this project I am concerned with the extent to which conceptual engineering happens in domains outside of philosophy, and if so, what that might look like. Specifically, I’ll argue that...