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    Self-Mediated Risk in Criminal Law
    Law and Philosophy 35 (6): 537-565. 2016.
    The paper addresses the question whether ‘self-mediated risk’ – risk whose coming-to-fruition depends on future volitional conduct by the actor himself – bears on the wrongfulness of an actor's present conduct. Moral philosophers have long been divided on this question. ‘Actualists’ take the view that an actor's present moral obligations do, in fact, depend on what he or she actually is likely to do in the future. In contrast, ‘possibilists’ take the view that an actor's present obligations depe…Read more
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    Postscript: Rejoinder to Brandstätter, Gigerenzer, and Hertwig (2008)
    with Michael Schulte-Mecklenbeck and Martijn C. Willemsen
    Psychological Review 115 (1): 272-273. 2008.