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    Physiology Responses and Players’ Stay on the Court During a Futsal Match: A Case Study With Professional Players
    with Julio Wilson Dos-Santos, Henrique Santos da Silva, Osvaldo Tadeu da Silva Junior, Ricardo Augusto Barbieri, Matheus Luiz Penafiel, Roberto Nascimento Braga da Silva, Luiz Henrique Palucci Vieira, Diogo Henrique Constantino Coledam, Paulo Roberto Pereira Santiago, and Marcelo Papoti
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
    Physiological responses in futsal have not been studied together with temporal information about the players’ stay on the court. The aim of this study was to compare heart rate and blood lactate concentration responses between 1-H and 2-H considering the time of permanency of the players on the court at each substitution in a futsal match. HR was recorded during entire match and [La−] was analyzed after each substitution of seven players. %HRmean and [La−] mean did not differ between 1-H and 2-H…Read more