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    Images and childhood, indiscernible territorialities
    with Antonio Carlos Rodrigues de Amorim and Marcus Pereira Novaes
    Childhood and Philosophy 13 (27): 303-333. 2017.
    It is a common feature of the field of Education that the images of childhood, represented within the logic of representation, are subject to the complementary dimensions of the Same and the Similar, the Analogous and the Opposed. They configure themselves in the densification of the relation between thought and image, where the image suppresses the potentialities of proliferation of the differences. It seems necessary to consider the creation of a zone with many non-distinguishable forms, the c…Read more
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    Quaternion-Loop Quantum Gravity
    with M. D. Maia and S. S. E. Almeida Silva
    Foundations of Physics 39 (11): 1273-1279. 2009.
    It is shown that the Riemannian curvature of the 3-dimensional hypersurfaces in space-time, described by the Wilson loop integral, can be represented by a quaternion quantum operator induced by the SU(2) gauge potential, thus providing a justification for quaternion quantum gravity at the Tev energy scale