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    The worldview of the pilgrim and the foundation of a confessional and narrative philosophy of education
    with Guilherme J. Braun
    Hts Theological Studies 75 (4): 1-8. 2019.
    In this article, we explore the worldview of the pilgrim and how it relates to the drama of human existence. The worldview of the pilgrim is the starting point in our explorations of the postmodern conundrum and interrelated subjects such as epistemology, ethics, religious symbolism, hospitality and practical life strategies from a narrative and confessional perspective. These elaborations will serve the ultimate goal of this article, which is to contribute to the philosophy of education and con…Read more
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    Religieuze tolerantie vraagt onderwijs in gastvrijheid
    with Nicolaas A. Broer, A. de Muynck, Johann L. van der Walt, and Charl C. W. Wolhuter
    Hts Theological Studies 74 (4): 1-9. 2018.
    The South African-Dutch research group responsible for this article started its activities in 2012 by looking at religious tolerance as a means of addressing the tendency for religious intolerance, extremism and fundamentalism. While tolerance seemed to be a promising way to counter religious intolerable behaviour, some shortcomings also became apparent. For example, the concept of tolerance includes an aspect of passivity towards others who adhere to another religion. The concept also does not …Read more
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    Het vaststellen van de mate van religieuze tolerantie bij leraren in opleiding
    with Nicolaas A. Broer, Abraham De Muynck, Johannes L. Van der Walt, and Charl C. Wolhuter
    Hts Theological Studies 72 (3). 2016.
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    Is religious fundamentalism our default spirituality?: Implications for teacher education
    with Johannes L. Van der Walt
    Hts Theological Studies 70 (1). 2014.
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    In Memoriam - Prof. Dr. E. A. Venter
    Philosophia Reformata 33 (n/a): 105. 1968.
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    Towards understanding tolerance in education
    with Johannes L. Van der Walt and Charste C. Wolhuter
    Hts Theological Studies 70 (3): 01-08. 2014.
    In recent years, schools and education authorities world wide have been paying increasing attention to issues surrounding diversity and religious tolerance. The term 'tolerance' is, however, clouded by considerable confusion and vagueness. This article seeks to contribute to recent scholarly attempts at understanding tolerance and the term that denotes it. After a brief semantic analysis of the term 'tolerance', arguments concerning the onticity of tolerance as phenomenon or entity are discussed…Read more