• Hegels These vom Ende der Kunst und das literarische Kunstwerk
    In Klaus Vieweg, Francesca Iannelli & Federico Vercellone (eds.), Das Ende der Kunst als Anfang freier Kunst, Wilhelm Fink. 2015.
  • This book explores the concept of the end of literature through the lens of Hegel's philosophy of art. In his version of Hegel's 'end of art' thesis, Arthur Danto claimed that contemporary art has abandoned its distinctive sensitive and emotive features to become increasingly reflective. Contemporary art has become a question of philosophical reflection on itself and on the world, thus producing an epochal change in art history. The core idea of this book is that this thesis applies quite well t…Read more
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    Forum on Boris Groys, "In the Flow"
    with B. Groys, T. Smith, E. Tavani, E. Archias, C. Bishop, M. Farina, and Y. Förster
    Lebenswelt: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Experience 11 1-45. 2017.
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    Forum on Robert B. Pippin, "After the beautiful"
    with R. B. Pippin, M. Farina, F. Iannelli, T. Pinkard, I. Testa, and L. Corti
    Lebenswelt: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Experience 7 1-40. 2015.