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    Mark Vorobej: A theory of argument (review)
    Erkenntnis 73 (1): 141-144. 2010.
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    Building on the work of Peter Hinst and Geo Siegwart, we develop a pragmatised natural deduction calculus, i.e. a natural deduction calculus that incorporates illocutionary operators at the formal level, and prove its adequacy. In contrast to other linear calculi of natural deduction, derivations in this calculus are sequences of object-language sentences which do not require graphical or other means of commentary in order to keep track of assumptions or to indicate subproofs. (Translation of ou…Read more
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    Theory and Practice of Logical Reconstruction – Anselm as a Model Case. Introduction
    with Geo Siegwart and Christian Tapp
    Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy 17. 2014.
    Logical reconstruction is a fundamental philosophical method for achieving clarity concerning the prerequisites, presuppositions and the logical structure of natural language arguments. The scope and limits of this method have become visible not least through its intense application to Anselm of Canterbury’s notorious proofs for the existence of God. This volume collects, on the one hand, reconstructions of Anselmian arguments that take account of the problems of reconstruction and, on the other…Read more
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    On Pain of Self-Contradiction?
    In Micha H. Werner, Robert Stern & Jens Peter Brune (eds.), Transcendental Arguments in Moral Theory, De Gruyter. pp. 47-70. 2017.
    Claims that agents must accept or reject certain propositions “on pain of self-contradiction” play a key role in Alan Gewirth’s dialectically necessary method. The aim of this paper is to investigate Gewirth’s method with respect to the relation between such claims, entailment and self-contradiction. I will identify certain bridge principles connecting obligatory acceptance, rejection and entailment that seem to be presupposed by Gewirth. Contrary to what seems to be Gewirth’s view, these princi…Read more
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    Ein Redehandlungskalkül: Folgern in einer Sprache
    XXII. Deutscher Kongress Für Philosophie. 2011.
    Wir stellen einen pragmatisierten Kalkül des natürlichen Schließens vor, der sich dadurch auszeichnet, dass Ableitungen reine Folgen objektsprachlicher Sätze sind und ohne graphische oder andere Kommentarmittel auskommen.
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    This volume brings together papers on the theory of reconstruction that pay attention to the humdrum exercise of everyday reconstruction and papers that develop reconstructions of Anselmian arguments with a view to the theoretical problems of reconstruction. We hope that this will provide the readers with an opportunity to assess the merits of the theoretical accounts in the light of the reconstructions and the merits of the latter in the light of the former.
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    Hermeneutics, Logic and Reconstruction
    Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy 17. 2014.
    Using a short excerpt from Anselm's Responsio as an example, this paper tries to present logical reconstruction as a special type of exegetical interpretation by paraphrase that is subject to (adapted) hermeneutic maxims and presumption rules that govern exegetical interpretation in general. As such, logical reconstruction will be distinguished from the non-interpretative enterprise of formalization and from the development of theories of logical form, which provide a framework in which formaliz…Read more
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    Logische Rekonstruktion. Ein hermeneutischer Traktat
    Dissertation, University of Greifswald. 2014.
    The thesis aims at a methodological reflection of logical reconstruction and tries to develop this method in detail, especially with regard to the reconstruction of natural language arguments. First, the groundwork for the thesis is laid by presenting and, where necessary, adapting its foundations with regard to the philosophy of language and the theory of argument. Subsequently, logical reconstruction, especially the logical reconstruction of arguments, is presented as a hermeneutic method and …Read more
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    Inferential Acts and Inferential Rules. The Intrinsic Normativity of Logic
    with Geo Siegwart
    Analyse & Kritik 38 (2). 2016.
    We outline a pragmatic-normative understanding of logic as a discipline that is completely anchored in the sphere of action, rules, means and ends: We characterize inferring as a speech act which is in need of regulation and we connect inferential rules with consequence relations. Furthermore, we present a scenario which illustrates how one actually assesses or can in principle assess the quality of logical rules with respect to justificatory questions. Finally, we speculate on the origin of log…Read more