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    Value Grounded on Attitudes. Subjectivism in Value Theory
    Dissertation, Lund University. 2014.
    The thesis examines a specific way of understanding the subjectivist position in value theory according to which subjectivism is the view that value is grounded on attitudes. It is argued that this should be seen as a second-order claim about the nature of value although with pluralistic implications on the substantial, first-order level. Subjectivist analyses of final and intrinsic value and of relational value are offered. Further, the implications of subjectivism are considered with respect t…Read more
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    Subjectivism and Relational Good
    Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 21 (2): 359-370. 2018.
    In this paper, a distinctly subjectivist analysis of the nature of relational goodness or goodness for is proposed. Like the generic subjectivist analysis of value, the proposal is to analyse value in terms of attitudes. Specifically, the proposed analysis of goodness for appeals to a special kind of attitude: namely, so-called for-someone’s-sake attitudes. Unlike other analyses in the literature that have appealed to this kind of attitude, the analysis proposed here is not a fitting-attitude an…Read more
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    This paper discusses how we are to understand claims to the effect that something is good relative to a person. It is argued that goodness relative to should not be equated with good for as the latter is a relational value notion and the former is a value theoretical notion. It is argued further that good relative to a person should be understood as good from the perspective or the point of view of the person. But this analysis of the notion ‘good relative to’ leaves open questions about the ful…Read more