My Survey Responses

Survey Prompt Response
Main Questions
A priori knowledge Lean towards: yes
Abstract objects Accept: nominalism
Aesthetic value Lean towards: subjective
Aim of philosophy Agnostic/undecided
Analytic-synthetic distinction Accept: yes
Eating animals and animal products Accept a combination of answers:
  • Lean towards Eating animals and animal products: omnivorism (yes and yes)
  • Lean towards Eating animals and animal products: vegetarianism (no and yes)
  • Lean against Eating animals and animal products: veganism (no and no)
Epistemic justification Accept an alternative view: mentalism
Experience machine There is no fact of the matter
External world Accept a combination of answers:
  • Neutral towards External world: idealism
  • Lean towards External world: skepticism
  • Accept External world: non-skeptical realism
Footbridge Accept: push
Free will Lean towards: libertarianism
Gender Lean towards: social
God Accept an alternative view: athetistic-agnosticism
Knowledge Lean towards: empiricism
Knowledge claims Accept a combination of answers:
  • Neutral towards Knowledge claims: contextualism
  • Lean towards Knowledge claims: relativism
  • Lean towards Knowledge claims: invariantism
Laws of nature Accept: non-Humean
Logic Lean towards: classical
Meaning of life Lean towards: objective
Mental content Lean towards: internalism
Meta-ethics Lean towards: moral anti-realism
Metaphilosophy Lean towards: non-naturalism
Mind Accept: non-physicalism
Moral judgment Accept: cognitivism
Moral motivation Lean towards: externalism
Newcomb's problem Lean towards: two boxes
Normative ethics Accept: consequentialism
Vagueness Lean towards: semantic
Zombies Lean towards: conceivable but not metaphysically possible
Survey Prompt Response
Additional Questions
Abortion Accept: permissible
Aesthetic experience Lean towards: perception