•  10
    Can We Rationally Reject Belief in Free Will? Kaposy on Neuroscience and the Precommitments of Reason
    with Garret Merriam
    American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience 1 (4): 40-42. 2010.
  •  1172
    What’s wrong with the evolutionary argument against naturalism?
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 69 (3): 193-204. 2011.
    Alvin Plantinga has argued that evolutionary naturalism (the idea that God does not tinker with evolution) undermines its own rationality. Natural selection is concerned with survival and reproduction, and false beliefs conjoined with complementary motivational drives could serve the same aims as true beliefs. Thus, argues Plantinga, if we believe we evolved naturally, we should not think our beliefs are, on average, likely to be true, including our beliefs in evolution and naturalism. I argue h…Read more