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    The Idea of Europe and the Crisis of Globalization
    МЕЃУНАРОДЕН ДИЈАЛОГ: ИСТОК - ЗАПАД (International Dialogue East-West) 7 (4): 141-147. 2020.
    The idea of Europe has already a long history and beyond its ethical attractiveness it became victorious in the political praxis of the 2nd half of the 20th century first of all as a motive force serving the aim of a long-term restoration of peace in the post-war Western Europe and then as a unifying principle for the whole continent after the collapse (implosion) of “really existing socialism”. A little later, in the course of the expansion of the free market economy towards the previously cent…Read more
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    Vernunft Und Leben In der »Differenzschrift«
    Hegel-Jahrbuch 8 (1): 73-78. 2006.
    VERNUNFT UND LEBEN IN DER »DIFFERENZSCHRIFT« (REASON AND LIFE IN THE "DIFFERENZSCHRIFT") The concept of life plays an important role in Hegel's "Differenzschrift" (The Difference of Fichte's and Schelling's System of Philosophy), the philosopher's first published work (Jena, 1801). This concept lies in the roots of the cohesive factors of political organizations and in this respect is comparable with the earlier concept of Liebe (Love) in Hegel's youth writings as well as with the much more re…Read more