Current research focus & fields:

  • Critical Posthumanism, Ecological Posthumanism, Transhumanism

  • Environmental Ethics & Aesthetics

  • Philosophy of Ecology; Futures studies

Education (essays, theses or seminars):

  • University of Lausanne (CH): Ethics & Meta-ethics (Naturalism; Perfectionism; Humanism); Philosophy of ecology (Afeissa; Larrère; Bourg; Naess); Environmental & Non-/Less anthropocentric ethics (Singer; Holmes Rolston III; Baird Callicott; Norton); Environmental aesthetics; Political Philosophy & Justice (Rawls; Nozick; Walzer; Beitz; Barry; Gosseries; Gardiner). Posthumanism (Cohen; Herbrechter; Marchesini; Ferrando; Roden; Hottois…

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