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    Some Problems with Jacques Derrida’s Concept of Hospitality
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy 12 183-188. 2018.
    My text focuses on Derrida’s ethics of hospitality. For Derrida, the logic of the concept of hospitality is governed by an absolute antinomy or aporia. On the one hand, there is the law of unlimited hospitality that ordains the unconditional reception of the stranger. On the other, there are the conditional laws of hospitality, which relate to the unconditional law through the imposition of terms and conditions upon it. For Derrida, the responsible political action and decision consists of the n…Read more
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    Jacques Derrida’s engagement with Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the second part of Of Grammatology constitutes the most systematic, extensive example of deconstructive reading. Nevertheless, the problem of whether Derrida reproduces Rousseau’s basic claims adequately has remained a peripheral concern. This has meant that this may constitute a misreading and the consequences that this would have for the deconstructive operation itself have not adequately examined. Hence, this enquiry into Derrida’s re…Read more
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    How Radical is Derrida's Deconstructive Reading?
    Derrida Today 2 (2): 177-186. 2009.
    The aim of my paper is to focus upon those aspects of Derrida's relation to language and textual interpretation that have not been adequately dealt with by either proponents of deconstruction, who take Derrida to have effected a total revolution in the way in which we must read texts, or those critics who view deconstruction as having subverted all possible criteria for a valid interpretation leading, thus, to an anarchical textual ‘freeplay’. This inadequate approach by both proponents and crit…Read more
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    Jacques Derrida's Double Deconstructive Reading: A Contradiction in Terms?
    Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 35 (3): 283-292. 2004.