• The Foundations of Phenomenological Psychotherapy
    with Guido Bondolfi and Viridiana Mazzola
    Springer Verlag. 2018.
  •  40
    In Between Ordinary Sadness and Clinical Depression
    with Guido Bondolfi and Viridiana Mazzola
    Emotion Review 7 (3): 216-222. 2015.
    Since Kraeplin and Kretschmer, the clarification of the limits between ordinary sadness and clinical depression has been a major concern. Much of the controversy has focused on whether and on which bases can be fixed a boundary in the continuum from the experience of sadness to major depressive episode. The new emphasis on the role of clinical judgment introduced by DSM-5 can be regarded as a way to address these issues, though leaving several questions open. After examining the implications of …Read more
  •  24
    The In-Out dispositional affective style questionnaire : an exploratory factorial analysis
    with Viridiana Mazzola, Giuseppe Marano, Elia M. Biganzoli, Patrizia Boracchi, Tiziana Lanciano, and Guido Bondolfi
    Frontiers in Psychology 5. 2014.