•  487
    The tragedy of the digital commons
    Ethics and Information Technology 6 (2): 73-81. 2004.
    In the paper it is argued that bridging the digital divide may cause a new ethical and social dilemma. Using Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons, we show that an improper opening and enlargement of the digital environment (Infosphere) is likely to produce a Tragedy of the Digital Commons (TDC). In the course of the analysis, we explain why Adar and Huberman's previous use of Hardin's Tragedy to interpret certain recent phenomena in the Infosphere (especially peer-to-peer communication) may not be en…Read more
  •  269
    How to do philosophy informationally
    with Gianluca Paronitti, Matteo Turilli, and Luciano Floridi
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3782. 2005.
    In this paper we introduce three methods to approach philosophical problems informationally: Minimalism, the Method of Abstraction and Constructionism. Minimalism considers the specifications of the starting problems and systems that are tractable for a philosophical analysis. The Method of Abstraction describes the process of making explicit the level of abstraction at which a system is observed and investigated. Constructionism provides a series of principles that the investigation of the prob…Read more
  • Il fare come cura
    with Davide Ruggieri
    Lupo Editore. 2013.