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    Controversy: Reading. Darwin. Through. Dascalian. Eyes. Anna Carolina K.P. Regner Abstract Marcelo Dascal has ... In the present text, I explore the impact of his approach on the analysis of Charles Darwin's 'one long argument', as Darwin calls his theory of the origin of species. ... Perspectives on Theory of Controversies and the Ethics of Communication, Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning 2, DOI ...
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    Tensegrità, multivocità ed etica delle immagini
    Scienza E Filosofia 19. 2018.
    Tensegrity, multivocity and the ethics of images When transposed to the field of philosophy, the notion of tensegrity can become the matrix to justify an approach to reality, based on the contextual action of several factors. This specificity is shown with reference to the photographs of patients allegedly hysterical, photographed at the end of the nineteenth century in the Hospital Salpêtrière in Paris. The ethics of images is anchored in this possibility. In fact, it is not indifferent with re…Read more
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    Paradoxes of Conflict (edited book)
    with Leah Gruenpeter Gold
    Springer. 2016.
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    Perpetual beginners
    Pragmatics and Cognition 23 (3): 359-363. 2016.
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    Controversies on Body
    Pragmatics and Cognition 23 (3): 486-499. 2016.
    My paper is related to applied ethics with special reference to the ethics of communication. The task of this discipline is to defend otherness in the various contexts where it exists. The departure point for my paper is the observation that the physician–patient relationship, instead of being the place of therapeutic alliance, is increasingly becoming a source of conflict, as is shown by the statistics on legal actions between doctors and patients, lack of communication skills identified amongs…Read more
  • La natura umana tra determinismo e libertà (edited book)
    with Mario Signore
    Edizioni Messaggero. 2008.
  • Controversies on Body
    Latest Issue of Pragmatics Cognition 23 (3): 486-499. 2016.
  • Representation, Objectivity and the Ethics of Images
    In Giovanni Scarafile & Leah Gruenpeter Gold (eds.), Paradoxes of Conflict, Springer. 2016.
    Considering Jaspers’studies on the paradoxical nature of conflicts, I reflect on the capacity of communicative forms to provide an objective representation. In particular, my attention is devoted to the predicative intentionality of images, namely the set of modalities by which an image represents. The level of accuracy of images is relevant also for a specific meaning of the ethics of communication, regarding the truthfulness of what is represented in a photograph. After an historical reconstru…Read more
  • Libertà E Comunità (edited book)
    with Mario Signore
    Messaggero. 2005.
  • Perpetual beginners
    Latest Issue of Pragmatics Cognition 23 (3): 359-363. 2016.