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    ABSTRACT GIRMAW ASHEBIR SINSHAW: A comparative analysis of theatre art curriculum for undergraduate in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Thesis. Yogyakarta: Graduate school, Yogyakarta State University, 2018. This research aimed at described: their communality in the theater art curriculum for undergraduate in both of Ethiopia and Indonesia the main objectives are: (1) Exploring the difference between the theatre art curriculum for undergraduate in of Ethiopia and Indonesia. (2) Discovering the simila…Read more
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    Political public space in the satire theatre case study on the performance eyayu fenges” Ethiopian satire theater
    International Journal of Scientific Research and Management 7 (3): 428-430. 2019.
    This article aims to describe about the techniques of make understanding for the space of audience or target group in the satire drama in the stage. The researcher would watch the theater in YouTube and in the stage and also read the script which written by Bereket Belayneh in the type of satire drama, its function in terms of political and social issues. In the addition to the above mentioned these script and play must show the use of satire for political and social criticism for the audience c…Read more
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    Analytical Axiology of the Political Background in “Vision of Teodros” Ethiopian Historical Theater
    International Journal of Scientific Research and Management 6 (3): 49-51. 2018.
    This article aims to describe about the analytical axiology of the political background in ye Tewodros raey historical theatre of Ethiopia. The theatre is the most important of the new generation to teach the Emperor Tewodros II challenges and also great visions of new civilized Ethiopia united. The theatre name also in English vision of Tewodros in Amharic are known ye Tewodros raey. As aspect of axiology have been evaluated the value of vision of Theodros to the audience and the advantages. F…Read more
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    This article aims to explore and analytics about Ethiopian traditional music instrument through indigenous knowledge (kirar, masinko, Begena, kebero and washint/flute). The researcher would have observation and referring the difference documentations. Kirar, and masinko are mostly have purposeful for local music including washint, the others which is Kebero, Begena have use full in the majority time for church purpose. Ethiopia has extended culture, art and indigenous knowledge related to origin…Read more