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    A Critique of Nietzsche’s Metaphysical Scepticism
    International Studies in Philosophy 19 (2): 51-59. 1987.
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    The Other Nietzsche
    International Studies in Philosophy 30 (4): 151-153. 1998.
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    The Self-Overcoming of Nihilism
    Review of Metaphysics 45 (3): 613-615. 1992.
    Nishitani was a Japanese student attending Heidegger's Freiburg lectures on Nietzsche's nihilism in the late 1930s. As a young thinker he absorbed western philosophy and literature, focusing especially on the growing tide of nineteenth- and twentieth-century voices expressing the collapse of traditional Western values and the advent of nihilism. Recognizing that the phenomenon of nihilism encompasses our human situation in a way that transcends any particular cultural tradition, the self-overcom…Read more
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    Composing the Soul: Reaches of Nietzsche's Psychology
    Journal of the History of Philosophy 34 (1): 152-154. 1996.
    152 JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY 34:1 JANUARY 1996 knowing." Absolute knowing is "the human community's coming to a reflective nonmetaphysical understanding of what it must take as authoritative grounds for belief and action..." . Since this involves us in a continuous dialectic, dialectic "does not end in absolute knowing; it begins the task of renewing itself" . From Hegel we get "a new paradigm for philosophy..." . The final chapter offers an account of the Philosophy of Right, and ta…Read more
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