Gonzalo Montenegro Vargas

Universidade Federal Da Integração Latinoamericana (UNILA)
  • Universidade Federal Da Integração Latinoamericana (UNILA)
    ILAESP - Filosofia
    Regular Faculty
Universidad de Chile
Alumnus, 2011
Foz do Iguaçu, PR, Brazil
Areas of Specialization
Gilles Deleuze

I am Professor of Philosophy at the Federal University for Latin American Integration (UNILA, Brazil) since 2015.

My doctoral research (2011) try to explain the hybrid constitution of the Deleuze's transcendental empiricism, that is, the convergences between Hume and Leibniz about the most important principles in their philosophies (habit, continuum, identity of indiscernibles). This field delineate my post-doctoral studies, focused in the Leibnizian concepts of singularity and incompossibility in Frémont and Deleuze.

In the present inquiry, I develop genetic methods to reconstruct the "Difference and repetition" arguments. In 2020, I focus…

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