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    Safety and benefit of discontinuing statin therapy in the setting of advanced, life-limiting illness a randomized clinical trial
    with J. S. Kutner, P. J. Blatchford, D. H. Taylor, C. S. Ritchie, J. H. Bull, D. L. Fairclough, L. C. Hanson, T. W. LeBlanc, S. Wolf, N. M. Aziz, D. C. Currow, B. Ferrell, N. Wagner-Johnston, S. Y. Zafar, J. F. Cleary, S. Dev, P. S. Goode, A. H. Kamal, C. Kassner, E. A. Kvale, J. G. McCallum, A. B. Ogunseitan, S. Z. Pantilat, R. K. Portenoy, Prince-Paul M., J. A. Sloan, K. M. Swetz, C. F. Von Gunten, and A. P. Abernethy
    © Copyright 2015 American Medical Association. All rights reserved.IMPORTANCE For patients with limited prognosis, some medication risks may outweigh the benefits, particularly when benefits take years to accrue; statins are one example. Data are lacking regarding the risks and benefits of discontinuing statin therapy for patients with limited life expectancy. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the safety, clinical, and cost impact of discontinuing statin medications for patients in the palliative care setti…Read more