•  41
    Reduction and autonomy in psychology and neuroscience: A call for pragmatism
    with Paul B. Sharp
    Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 39 (1): 18-31. 2019.
    Psychologists and neuroscientists often struggle to integrate findings in their respective domains, a problem due partly to implicitly and explicitly held philosophical positions on issues of reduction and autonomy across these domains. The present article reviews how reduction and autonomy have been used in philosophical arguments regarding how macro-scale findings relate to micro-scale findings across various scientific disciplines. The present article demonstrates how macro findings are indis…Read more
  •  31
    Relationships among cognition, emotion, and motivation: implications for intervention and neuroplasticity in psychopathology
    with Laura D. Crocker, Wendy Heller, Stacie L. Warren, Aminda J. O'Hare, and Zachary P. Infantolino
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7. 2013.
  •  7
    Cortical organization of inhibition-related functions and modulation by psychopathology
    with Stacie L. Warren, Laura D. Crocker, Jeffery M. Spielberg, Anna S. Engels, Marie T. Banich, Bradley P. Sutton, and Wendy Heller
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7. 2013.