student at RUG, Ghent, of Rudolph Boehm. (in the 80's) student at UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve, of André, Mgr. Léonard; Emilio Brito, s.j..(in the 80's) student at IET, Brussels, of Albert Chapelle, s.j.(in the 80's) NOW reading basically Milbank; Hauerwas; Stanley Rosen; W. Cavanaugh; Dana Villa; Fred Olafson; Robert Pippin; Pierre Manent; René Girard; Hannah Ahrendt; Marcel Gauchet; Alain Finkielkraut; Oliva Blanchet; G. Agamben Beacons of light: Wendell Berry; Vandhana Shiva; Ivan Illich; Andrei Tarkowsky; Stanley Hauerwas

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