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    From bioethics to biopolitics: “Playing the Nazi card” in public health ethics—the case of Israel
    with Nadav Davidovitch, Dani Filc, and Rakefet Zalashik
    Bioethics 35 (6): 540-548. 2021.
    Bioethics, EarlyView.
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    Medicine, Technology, and Religion Reconsidered: The Case of Brain Death Definition in Israel
    with Shai Lavi and Sky Edith Gross
    Science, Technology, and Human Values 44 (2): 186-208. 2019.
    The introduction of respiratory machines in the 1950s may have saved the lives of many, but it also challenged the notion of death itself. This development endowed “machines” with the power to form a unique ontological creature: a live body with a “dead” brain. While technology may be blamed for complicating things in the first place, it is also called on to solve the resulting quandaries. Indeed, it is not the birth of the “brain-dead” that concerns us most, but rather its association with a we…Read more