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    The Concept of Affectivity in Early Modern Philosophy (edited book)
    with Gábor Boros, Judit Szalai, and Oliver Toth
    Eötvös Loránd University Press. 2017.
    Collection of papers presented at the First Budapest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy.
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    Descartes and Pascal on the Passions and the possibility of Morality
    Tijdschrift Voor Filosofie 77 (2): 221-249. 2015.
    Pascal’s anti-Cartesianism continues to be a widely discussed theme in the relevant secondary literature. In referring to his Jansenistic background, most authors tend to focus on certain prominent themes in Pascal’s writings such as the tension between grandeur and misere, the apologetic strategy of the Pensees as well as Pascal’s criticism of human reason. This article, however, engages more directly with Pascal’s invasive criticism of the optimistic Cartesian view concerning the human passion…Read more
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    Passies, sprekend tot en met de verbeelding
    Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte 109 (2): 245-270. 2017.
    Passions unchained and the power of the imagination. Descartes on vanity, love and joyMost seventeenth-century moralists and philosophers, such as Pascal and Malebranche, commonly describe the passions and the imagination as symptoms of the corruption of human nature. Descartes is not an easy fit in this general framework, especially since most studies of his account of the passions read him rather univocally as committed only to a scientific investigation of certain phenomena that properly belo…Read more