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    Rorty and the Religious: Christian Engagements with a Secular Philosopher brings together twelve essays discussing Rorty’s philosophy from a theological point of view. These essays, tackling Rorty’s epistemology, moral views, and social vision, carry out “constructive and serious” engagement with his work. The writers even declare they find “promising nuggets” in Rorty’s work for addressing particular questions within philosophy and theology.Why would Christian theologians bother to engage in th…Read more
  • Autonomy, Community, and the Jewish Self
    Journal of Textual Reasoning 7 (1). 2012.
  • A Reply
    Journal of Textual Reasoning 7 (1). 2012.
  • Brill Online Books and Journals
    Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy 16 (2). 2008.
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    Studying torah as a reality check: A close reading of a midrash
    Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy 16 (2): 149-193. 2008.
    This paper describes the practice of rabbinic Torah-Study in Pragmatist epistemological terms. Pragmatists describe the quest for knowledge as a process in which we interpret our experiences and thereby construct an idea of our reality. This description creates or generates a tension between the constructive aspect of the knowledge quest and the idea of an independent reality. The paper argues that Pragmatism shares this tension, as well as the hermeneutical and pragmatic method for overcoming i…Read more