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    Use of cadavers to train surgeons: closing comment
    Journal of Medical Ethics 46 (7): 477-477. 2020.
    The case for cadaveric surgical training benefitting patients is clear. Surgeons must be trained to the highest standards to provide the best possible quality of care, and cadaveric simulation training offers a way to help achieve this.1 What is less clear is how the increasing demand for cadaveric training can be met in a way that is ethically considerate to the body donors, without whom this valuable training would obviously not be possible. As Ms Walker2 says in her paper, body donation is pr…Read more
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    Use of cadavers to train surgeons: what are the ethical issues?
    Journal of Medical Ethics 46 (7): 470-471. 2020.
    This is an invited submission from the Editor-in-Chief as the introductory piece for an ‘Ethics Roundtable’. This piece will include invited commentaries from experts in surgical education, medical ethics, law and the prospective body donor perspective.