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    What Is Ethically Demanded? K. E. Løgstrup’s Philosophy of Moral Life (edited book)
    with R. Stern
    University of Notre Dame Press. 2017.
    This collection of essays by leading international philosophers considers central themes in the ethics of Danish philosopher Knud Ejler Løgstrup (1905–1981). Løgstrup was a Lutheran theologian much influenced by phenomenology and by strong currents in Danish culture, to which he himself made important contributions. The essays in What Is Ethically Demanded? K. E. Løgstrup’s Philosophy of Moral Life are divided into four sections. The first section deals predominantly with Løgstrup’s relation to …Read more
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    Three Sorts of Naturalism
    In Jakob Lindgaard (ed.), John McDowell, Blackwell. 2008-03-17.
    This chapter contains sections titled: 1. 2. 3. 4. Notes References.
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    [Forlaget] G.M.T.. 1975.
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    Ethical Concepts and Problems
    with K. E. Løgstrup
    Oxford University Press. 2020.
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    Classical Ideals in the Modern Research University
    Danish Yearbook of Philosophy 52 (1): 38-41. 2019.
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    In this paper, I aim to support contextual ethics as a broad and open understanding of ethics and the ethical by commenting on the origin of the words ‘ethics’ and ‘ethical’ in Greek philosophy and on the ambiguities built into them from the beginning. I further list some complexities that arose when the Latinate words ‘morals’ and ‘moral’ began to be used in Roman, medieval and modern philosophy, sometimes as synonyms of and sometimes in contrast to ‘ethics’ and ‘ethical’. Finally, I return to …Read more
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    Three Sorts of Naturalism
    European Journal of Philosophy 14 (2): 202-221. 2006.
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    The Retreat of Reason: A Dilemma in the Philosophy of Life (review)
    Journal of Moral Philosophy 6 (2): 266-268. 2009.
  • Modet I midten
    Philosophia 24 (3-4): 7-25. 1995.
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    Three sorts of naturalism
    European Journal of Philosophy 14 (2). 2006.
    In "Two sorts of Naturalism" John McDowell is sketching his own sort of naturalism in ethics as an alternative to "bald naturalism". In this paper I distinguish materialist, idealist and absolute conceptions of nature and of naturalism in order to provide a framework for a clearer understanding of what McDowell’s own naturalism amounts to. I argue that nothing short of an absolute naturalism will do for a number of McDowell's own purposes, but that it is far from obvious that this is his positio…Read more
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    Social philosophy
    Methuen. 1981.
    Introduction All of us have experienced quite dramatic social changes in our lifetimes. Our families differ greatly from those of our parents, ...