• Riddlework I
    In Rüdiger Dannemann, Henry W. Pickford & Hans-Ernst Schiller (eds.), Der Aufrechte Gang Im Windschiefen Kapitalismus: Modelle Kritischen Denkens, Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. pp. 67-91. 2018.
    Throughout his publications Adorno deploys the concept of ‘riddle-character’ [Rätselcharakter], attributing it to reality as well as to modernist artworks, and likening the activity of philosophy and interpretation to that of riddle-solving. This essay explores the epistemological characteristics of such ‘riddle-work’ in the non-aesthetic context by first interpreting his 1931 inaugural lecture “The Actuality of Philosophy” and distinguishing Adorno’s use of riddle from that of Walter Benjamin. …Read more
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    Der Aufrechte Gang Im Windschiefen Kapitalismus: Modelle Kritischen Denkens (edited book)
    with Rüdiger Dannemann and Hans-Ernst Schiller
    Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. 2018.
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    Intuition as a Capacity for a Priori Knowledge
    Philosophical Investigations 13 (28): 147-169. 2019.
    This article lays the groundwork for a defense of rational intuitions by first arguing against a prevalent view according to which intuition is a distinctive psychological state, an “intellectual seeming” that p, that then constitutes evidence that p. An alternative account is then offered, according to which an intuition that p constitutes non-inferential a priori knowledge that p in virtue of the concepts exercised in judging that p. This account of rational intuition as the exercise of concep…Read more
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    Critical Models: Interventions and Catchwords (edited book)
    Cambridge University Press. 2005.
    _Critical Models_ combines into a single volume two of Adorno's most important postwar works -- _Interventions: Nine Critical Models_ and _Catchwords: Critical Models II_. Written after his return to Germany in 1949, the articles, essays, and radio talks included in this volume speak to the pressing political, cultural, and philosophical concerns of the postwar era. The pieces in _Critical Models_ reflect the intellectually provocative as well as the practical Adorno as he addresses such issues …Read more
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    A reply to contemporary skepticism about intuitions and a priori knowledge, and a defense of neo-rationalism from a contemporary Kantian standpoint, focusing on the theory of rational intuitions and on solving the two core problems of justifying and explaining them