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    The Cultural Dimensions of the Vietnamese Private Entrepreneurship
    with Tran Tri Dung
    IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development (3/4): 54-78. 2009.
    This paper examines the influence of cultural and socioeconomic factors on the growth of enterpreneurship in Vietnam. Traditional cultural values continue to have a strong impact on the Vietnamese society, and to a large extent adversely affect the entrepreneurial spirit of the community. Typical constraints private entrepreneurs face may have roots in the cultural facet as legacy of the Confucian society like relationship-based bank credit. Low quality business education is both a victim and cu…Read more
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    A Question of Leverage
    Vietnam Investment Review 7 (11): 13-13. 1997.
    Article title: A Question of Leverage Author: Vuong Quan Hoang Affiliation: World Bank / IFC Magazine: Vietnam Investment Review Date: March 24, 1997