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    Microstructure and mechanical properties of continuous Al2O3fibre reinforced Ni45Al45Cr7.5Ta2.5alloy matrix composites
    with Y. Zhong, D. Hajas, W. Hu, and G. Gottstein
    Philosophical Magazine 87 (7): 1019-1032. 2007.
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    Mechanical resilience and cementitious processes in Imperial Roman architectural mortar
    with M. D. Jackson, E. N. Landis, P. F. Brune, M. Vitti, Q. Li, M. Kunz, H. R. Wenk, P. J. M. Monteiro, and A. R. Ingraffea
    © 2014, National Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.The pyroclastic aggregate concrete of Trajan's Markets, now Museo Fori Imperiali in Rome, has absorbed energy from seismic ground shaking and long-term foundation settlement for nearly two millenia while remaining largely intact at the structural scale. The scientific basis of this exceptional service record is explored through computed tomography of fracture surfaces and synchroton X-ray microdiffraction analyses of a reproduction of the…Read more
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    Fabrication of high-performance ultrathin In 2 O 3 film field-effect transistors and biosensors using chemical lift-off lithography (review)
    with J. Kim, Y. S. Rim, H. H. Cao, N. Nakatsuka, H. L. Hinton, C. Zhao, A. M. Andrews, Y. Yang, and P. S. Weiss
    © 2015 American Chemical Society. We demonstrate straightforward fabrication of highly sensitive biosensor arrays based on field-effect transistors, using an efficient high-throughput, large-area patterning process. Chemical lift-off lithography is used to construct field-effect transistor arrays with high spatial precision suitable for the fabrication of both micrometer- and nanometer-scale devices. Sol-gel processing is used to deposit ultrathin In 2 O 3 films as semiconducting channel layers.…Read more
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    © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Gold nanorods with tunable plasmon-resonant absorption in the near-infrared region have considerable advantages over organic fluorophores as imaging agents due to their brightness and lack of photobleaching. However, the luminescence spectral properties of NRs have not been fully characterized at the single particle level due to lack of proper analytic tools. Here, we present a spectral phasor analysis method that allows investigations of NRs' spectra at single par…Read more