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    The three texts addressed in this review essay challenge us to question and creatively re-imagine the representation of material spaces at the centre of the colonial project: oceans, islands, ships and archives. Elizabeth McMahon deconstructs the island and its metaphorics, charting the relationship of geography, politics and literature through the changing status of islands, as imagined by colonists, beginning in the Caribbean and ending in Australia. Renisa Mawani destabilises colonial geograp…Read more
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    An explanation of Rom. 8,4a
    Bijdragen 37 (4): 361-378. 1976.
  • Globalisering: oud en nieuw
    Wijsgerig Perspectief 43 (3): 39-49. 2003.
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    Neighbourly Injuries: Proximity in Tort Law and Virginia Woolf’s Theory of Suffering (review)
    Feminist Legal Studies 20 (1): 39-60. 2012.
    2012 marks the 80th anniversary of Donoghue v Stevenson, a case that is frequently cited as the starting-point for a genealogy of negligence. This genealogy starts with the figure of the neighbour, from which, as Jane Stapleton eloquently describes, a “golden thread” of vulnerability runs into the present (Stapleton 2004, 135). This essay examines the harms made visible and invisible through the neighbour figure, and compares the law’s framework to Virginia Woolf’s subtle re-imagining and theori…Read more
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    Andrew Kernohan, liberalism, equality, and cultural oppression
    Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 3 (1): 103-105. 2000.