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    The Ethical Constraint on War
    Yearbook for Eastern and Western Philosophy 2019 (4): 106-117. 2020.
    In dealing with the problem of war, how should one seek a proper middle path between absolute pacifism and extreme realism? How can a proper ethics of war be adhered to? Is “just war”, when used as a term for the moral evaluation of war, somewhat vague and ambiguous? This paper argues that in the analysis of various types of war ethics, it is necessary to put forward an “ethical constraints of war”. Such constraints should be valid in wartime, including in the lead-up to war, during the war, and…Read more
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    Investigations on public philosophy
    Frontiers of Philosophy in China 2 (1): 84-94. 2007.
    The more diverse cultures and values a country perceives to be "normal" even "just", the more it needs to search for a public philosophy. Having developed only recently, China, which is speedily progressing towards a market economy, can be considered this kind of country. This article takes Daniel Bell's concept of modern society and public household as the basis for expatiating on some chief problems and the ways to solve them. It pays special attention to investigating the public ethic while p…Read more
  • Pang Guan Ji
    Fu Dan da Xue Chu Ban She. 2010.
  • Sheng Sheng da De
    Beijing da Xue Chu Ban She. 2011.