•  17
    Modulation of executive attention by threat stimulus in test-anxious students
    with Renlai Zhou and Jilin Zou
    Frontiers in Psychology 6. 2015.
  •  1
    Adaptive traffic signal control with vehicular Ad Hoc networks
    with K. Pandit, D. Ghosal, and C. N. Chuah
    In this paper, we propose to use vehicular ad hoc networks to collect and aggregate real-time speed and position information on individual vehicles to optimize signal control at traffic intersections. We first formulate the vehicular traffic signal control problem as a job scheduling problem on processors, with jobs corresponding to platoons of vehicles. Under the assumption that all jobs are of equal size, we give an online algorithm, referred to as the oldest job first algorithm, to minimize t…Read more
  • Experimental Research on Aerated Supercavitation Suppression of Capillary Outlet Throttling Noise
    with Qianxu Wang, Shouchuan Wang, Yuxuan Wang, Junhai Zhou, Panpan Zhao, and Jia-Bao Liu
    Complexity 2022 1-11. 2022.
    The aim of this work is the reduction of the throttling noise when the capillary is used as a throttling device. Based on the theory of bubble dynamics, two-phase flow, and aerated supercavitation, four different sizes of aerated devices used in refrigerator refrigeration systems are designed. Throttling noise and the temperature and pressure of inlet and outlet of the capillary are measured under stable operation. To compare the noise suppression effects in different groups of experiments, we i…Read more