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    Knowledge of People
    Philosophy and Literature 41 (1): 207-214. 2017.
    Philosophers such as Elizabeth Anscombe and Donald Davidson have explained that we cannot derive predictions from judgments such as "he boasted from vanity." Such judgments are also the source of countless painful mistakes. However, are they necessarily unreliable? Often enough, even if only gradually and partially, we get people right. Assuming that we do is already assuming that there must be a connection, if not causal then at least casual, between what a person is, what she does, and how she…Read more
  • Filosofia e Literatura 1 (edited book)
    Instituto de Filosofia da Linguagem. 2010.
  • Poietike techne as a meta-philosophical instrument
    Kriterion: Journal of Philosophy 53 (125): 41-58. 2012.