Areas of Interest
The Priority of Justice
Ontology of Mathematics
Mathematical Truth
Set Theory
Theories of Mathematics
Probabilistic Reasoning
Probabilistic Puzzles
Decision-Theoretic Frameworks
Decision-Theoretic Puzzles
Game Theory
Free Will and Responsibility
Epistemology of Mathematics
Information Ethics
Information Theory
Conflicts Among Rights
Criticisms of Rights
Rights and Equality
Rights and Freedom
Human Rights
Epistemic Paradoxes
Epistemic Normativity
Conceptions of Information
The Information Economy
Theory in Economics
Economics and Ethics
Ethics and Culture
Bodily Rights
Rights of Future Generations
Human Rights and Democracy
Human Rights and Global Justice
Justifications of Human Rights
Group Rights
Disability Rights
The Concept of Human Rights
The Concept of Disability
Group Rights, Misc
Rights and the Rule of Law
Rights and Duties
Rights Against Discrimination
Collective Responsibility
Responsibility in Applied Ethics
Logic and Information
Epistemic Injustice
Normativity of Law
Rights and Justice
Rights and Democracy
Rights and Personhood
The Analysis of Rights
Legal Rights
The Nature of Justice
Action and Consciousness in Psychology
Emotion and Consciousness in Psychology
Time and Consciousness in Psychology
Self-Consciousness in Psychology
Introspection and Introspectionism
Phenomenology and Consciousness
Decision Theory
Autonomy in Applied Ethics
Justice in Applied Ethics
Lawfulness in Applied Ethics
Metacognition and Consciousness
Attention and Consciousness in Psychology
Cognitive Models of Consciousness
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
Normative Ethics
Value Theory, Misc
Cognitive Sciences, Misc
Information-Based Accounts of Mental Content
Normativity of Meaning and Content
Biomedical Ethics
Political Ethics
Obligations in the Law
Descriptive Jurisprudence
Normative Jurisprudence
Conceptual Analysis in Jurisprudence
Naturalism in Jurisprudence
Causation in the Law
Law and Language
The Concept of Equality
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Thought
Political Obligation
Legal Authority
Formal Models of Legal Reasoning
Social Ethics
Moral Norms
Moral Responsibility, Misc
Varieties of Moral Value
Values and Norms
Interpretivist Theories of Law
Mixed Theories of Law
Formalism about Legal Reasoning
Realism about Legal Reasoning
Indeterminacy and Legal Reasoning
Theories of Freedom
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