•  139
    Meaning and Context
    with Erich H. Rast
    Peter Lang. 2010.
    The contextual contributions to meaning are at the core of the debate about the semantics/pragmatics distinction, one of the liveliest topics in current philosophy of language and linguistics. The controversy between semantic minimalists and contextualists regarding context and semantic content is a conspicuous example of the debate's relevance. This collection of essays, written by leading philosophers as well as talented young researchers, offers new approaches to the ongoing discussion about …Read more
  •  207
    Interacting with fiction?
    Proceedings of the Philosophy of Computer Games Conference. 2009.
  •  94
    Say What? On Grice On What Is Said
    European Journal of Philosophy 22 (1): 1-19. 2014.
    : In this paper I argue that there is a very important, though often neglected, dissimilarity between the two Gricean conceptions of ‘what is said’: the one presented in his William James Lectures and the one sketched in the ‘Retrospective Epilogue’ to his book Studies in the Way of Words. The main problem lies with the idea of speakers' commitment to what they say and how this is to be related to the conventional, or standard, meaning of the sentences uttered in the act of saying. Since the lat…Read more