• Movement as Concept and as Image in Philosophy and in Modernist Literature
    Dissertation, State University of New York at Buffalo. 2003.
    The signifier 'movement' is theorized here as the paradigm of the relation between concept and image. Traditionally set as an oppositional pair, concept and image, in fact, are bound in a relation of interchangeability which is achieved by a movement between the two. This "movement" is a signifier used throughout the history of philosophy to characterize the activity of thought and appears in different guises as logic's most productive instrument. Yet, 'movement' functions as an explanatory tool…Read more
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    Wang Jiuliang, director. Beijing Besieged by Waste (review)
    Environmental Philosophy 10 (2): 125-127. 2013.
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    Nature Screened: An Eco-Film-Phenomenology
    Environmental Philosophy 11 (2): 211-235. 2014.
    Do cinematic representations of the natural world only put us in further remove from nature? A phenomenological approach shows that nature screened can produce a richer understanding of human–nature relations as these unfold in visual contact. If vision accesses the world in a unique relationship of sight, in which our contact with the world is defined by vision prior to any other interaction, the cinema offers a special setting for a phenomenology that seeks to draw-out the significance of huma…Read more
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    The Ethics of Survival: Responsibility and Sacrifice in Environmental Ethics
    Phenomenology and Practice 7 (2): 78-99. 2013.
    The primary concern of environmental ethics pushed to the limit is the question of survival. An ethic of survival would concern the possibility of morality in an environmental crisis that promises humanity immeasurable damage, suffering, and even the possibility of species extinction. A phenomenological analysis of the question of moral response to such future catastrophe reveals—in Heideggerian fashion contra-Heidegger—that the very question positions us in a relation of responsibility towards …Read more