Iris Spoor

Mount St. Joseph University
  • The Separability Thesis
    The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 81 (4): 476-484. 2024.
    Debates over the metaphysical status of aesthetic properties have persisted for decades in Aesthetics. One question that consistently arises in any discussion of aesthetic properties is whether they are fundamentally evaluative or descriptive in character. Aesthetic properties are often treated as parallel to moral properties which means many philosophers take it for granted that aesthetic properties are fundamentally evaluative. There are some philosophers, like Frank Sibley and Jerrold Levinso…Read more
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    How You Play the Game: Kantian Ethics in Non-ideal Conditions
    Global Philosophy 33 (1): 1-11. 2023.
    In “Compliance, Complicity, and the Nature of Nonideal Conditions” (2003), Tamar Schapiro suggests a framework that deontological theories might use to mitigate the stringency of the moral law in certain cases. This framework depends on a crucial distinction between two forms of non-compliance: transgression and subversion. Schapiro considers several possibilities for cases of subversive non-compliance including an intriguing fictional example from L.A. Confidential2003, p. 347) and Kant’s infam…Read more