• Epistemology of Research on Radiation and Matter: a Structural View
    with Elisa Maia
    Kairos 22 (1): 244-270. 2019.
    The modern understanding of radiation got its start in 1895 with X-rays discovered by Wilhelm Röntgen, followed in 1896 by Henri Becquerel’s discovery of radioactivity. The development of the study of radiation opened a vast field of research concerning various disciplines: chemistry, physics, biology, geology, sociology, ethics, etc. Additionally, new branches of knowledge were created, such as atomic and nuclear physics that enabled an in-depth knowledge of the matter. Moreover, during the his…Read more
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    The awareness of Science
    with C. Queiroz, T. Levi, F. Cascais, J. A. Mourâo, A. C. Matos, and D. Nunes
    Global Bioethics 7 (1): 1-8. 1994.
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    Looking for Routes in Mach’s Epistemology
    with Elisa Maia
    Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 74 (1): 173-196. 2018.
    The epistemological thinking of Ernst Mach has roots in the transformations of the life sciences that took place in the 19th century. This fact was the starting point for analyzing his ideas about knowledge that were developed in several fundamental works, namely The Science of Mechanics and The Analysis of Sensations. In this study we intend to highlight the biological roots of Mach’s thinking, taking the routes he chose in his approaches to the themes “instinctive knowledge”, “biological origi…Read more