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    This essay adds a theological voice to the current debate over the legacy of Gilles Deleuze. It discusses Peter Hallward's charge that Deleuze is best read as a mystical, theophanic philosopher who values creativity to the detriment of real creatures. It argues that while Hallward is right to discern a flight from bodies, relations, and politics in Deleuze, this is due not to Deleuze's contemplative mysticism, but rather to his strident rejection of any transcendence. The essay then draws upon T…Read more
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    The Participatory Turn: Spirituality, Mysticism, Religious Studies (edited book)
    with Jorge N. Ferrer
    State University of New York Press. 2008.
    The contributors to this volume argue that we can, and they offer a new way: the "participatory turn," which proposes that individuals and communities have an ...
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    Postscript: a new ritual turn?
    International Journal of Philosophy and Theology 79 (3): 341-347. 2018.
    ABSTRACTAs a postscript to this special issue, the author offers a set of concluding thoughts about the prospect of a new ritual turn within philosophy and theology and the relationship of this contemporary development to the previous ‘ritual turn’ of the early twentieth century. Where early twentieth-century scholars tended to treat ritual as repetitive symbolic behavior, and thus as something that needed to be decoded in order to be understood, the author suggests that a contemporary ritual tu…Read more
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    No Title available: Book reviews (review)
    Religious Studies 46 (3): 415-420. 2010.
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    The End of Philosophy of Religion (review)
    Religious Studies 46 (3): 415-420. 2010.
  • Growth habit varies among accessions of hexaploid wheat. The winter habit genotype requires a cold treatment to induce flowering and is generally planted in the fall. Spring habit genotypes flower in the absence of a vernalization treatment. Spring habit is conferred by a dominant allele at any of the three VRN-1 loci, but varieties carrying the VRN-A1 locus are the most frequent and usually flower earlier. To facilitate selection in populations segregating at the VRN-A1 locus and to assist in g…Read more
  • The Participatory Turn: Spirituality, Mysticism
    with Jorge N. Ferrer
    Religious Studies. forthcoming.
  • A genealogy of participation
    In Jorge N. Ferrer & Jacob H. Sherman (eds.), The Participatory Turn: Spirituality, Mysticism, Religious Studies, State University of New York Press. 2008.