Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • IQGAP1-dependent scaffold suppresses RhoA and inhibits airway smooth muscle contraction
    with M. Bhattacharya, A. Sundaram, M. Kudo, P. Ganesan, A. Khalifeh-Soltani, M. Arjomandi, K. Atabai, X. Huang, and D. Sheppard
    The intracellular scaffold protein IQGAP1 supports protein complexes in conjunction with numerous binding partners involved in multiple cellular processes. Here, we determined that IQGAP1 modulates airway smooth muscle contractility. Compared with WT controls, at baseline as well as after immune sensitization and challenge, Iqgap1-/- mice had higher airway responsiveness. Tracheal rings from Iqgap1-/- mice generated greater agonist-induced contractile force, even after removal of the epithelium.…Read more