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    Explicaciones Geométrico-Diagramáticas en Física desde una Perspectiva Inferencial
    Revista Colombiana de Filosofía de la Ciencia 38 (19). 2019.
    El primer objetivo de este artículo es mostrar que explicaciones genuinamente geométricas/matemáticas e intrínsecamente diagramáticas de fenómenos físicos no solo son posibles en la práctica científica, sino que además comportan un potencial epistémico que sus contrapartes simbólico-verbales carecen. Como ejemplo representativo utilizaremos la metodología geométrica de John Wheeler (1963) para calcular cantidades físicas en una reacción nuclear. Como segundo objetivo pretendemos analizar, desde …Read more
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    Ontic Structural Realism, as pivotal position in philosophy of science and metaphysics, defends the idea that the world is ultimately constituted of real physical structures. French (2014) regards physical symmetries as the foundational structure of a world without objects. On the other hand, Ladyman and Ross (2007) hold that the world is essentially made of non-redundant informational structure. I argue in this paper that these two positions are by no means incompatible, for instance by int…Read more
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    Indispensability and Effectiveness of Diagrams in Molecular Biology
    Quaderns de Filosofia 6 (1): 29-46. 2019.
    In this paper I aim to defend a twofold thesis. On one hand, I will sup-port, against Perini [7], the indispensability of diagrams when structurally complex biomolecules are concerned, since it is not possible to satisfactorily use linguistic-sentential representations at that domain. On the other hand, even when diagrams are dispensable I will defend than they will generally be more effective than other representations in encoding biomolecular knowledge, relying on Kulvicki-Shimojima’s diagramm…Read more
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    In this paper I will defend the incapacity of the informational frameworks in thermal physics, mainly those that historically and conceptually derive from the work of Brillouin (1962) and Jaynes (1957a), to robustly explain the approach of certain gaseous systems to their state of thermal equilibrium from the dynamics of their molecular components. I will further argue that, since their various interpretative, conceptual and technical-formal resources (e.g. epistemic interpretations of probabili…Read more
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    In this paper we develop an inferential account on the meaning and reference of theoretical concepts in physics, mainly based on the pragmatic notion of ‘inferential validity’. Firstly, we distinguish between empirical meaningfulness and theoretical significance as two different modes of meaning, wherein the former depends on consistently encoding experimental values, as proposed by Chang, and the latter on being semantically coherent with other concepts. Secondly, we argue that each of these co…Read more
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    The Epistemic Schism of Statistical Mechanics
    Theoria 1-22. forthcoming.
    In this paper I will argue that the two main approaches to statistical mechanics, that of Boltzmann and Gibbs, constitute two substantially different theoretical apparatuses. Particularly, I defend that this theoretical split must be philosophically understood as a separation of epistemic functions within this physical domain: while Boltzmannians are able to generate powerful explanations of thermal phenomena from molecular dynamics, Gibbsians can statistically predict observable values in a hig…Read more
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    Paradojas Epistémicas en la Aproximación Informacional a la Física Térmica
    Principia: An International Journal of Epistemology 24 (3): 477-501. 2020.
    En este artículo pretendo evaluar las bases conceptuales y interpretativas de las ‘paradojas info-térmicas’ subyacentes a las aproximaciones informacionales a la física térmica, por las cuales nuestra información epistémica sobre un sistema molecular aumenta y disminuye simultáneamente cuando este se aproxima al equilibrio térmico. Defiendo que el contenido paradójico de nuestra tesis persiste incluso cuando se distinguen distintos tipos de información, debido a la conexión robusta entre la part…Read more