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    Teaching Quantum Physics in Upper Secondary School in France
    with Philippe Lautesse, Adrien Vila Valls, Fabrice Ferlin, and Hugues Chabot
    Science & Education 24 (7-8): 937-955. 2015.
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    Representing the Quantum Object Through Fiction in Teaching
    with Philippe Lautesse, Fabrice Ferlin, and Hugues Chabot
    Science & Education 26 (3-4): 299-322. 2017.
    Our work extends a previous study of epistemological presuppositions in teaching quantum physics in upper scientific secondary school in France. Here, the problematic reference of quantum theory’s concepts is treated at the ontological level. We consider the approach of using narratives describing possible alternative worlds to address the issue. These possible worlds are based on the counterfactual logic developed in the work of D. Lewis. We will show that the narratives written by G. Gamow des…Read more