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    H. Rogers, jr
    with W. Sieg
    In Edward R. Griffor (ed.), Handbook of computability theory, Elsevier. pp. 140--35. 1999.
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    Moral Expertise in the Context of Clinical Ethics Consultation
    with Geert Craenen
    In Jamie Carlin Watson & Laura K. Guidry-Grimes (eds.), Moral Expertise: New Essays from Theoretical and Clinical Bioethics, Springer International Publishing. 2018.
    The question of moral expertise remains largely academic until it serves as a foundation for a morally charged act or practice. Clinical ethics consultation is a complex and potentially impactful practice typifying the translation of theoretical ethics to clinical ethics, from the textbook to the bedside. To this extent, clinical ethics consultation requires a very concrete, applicable form of moral expertise. This service is no different from consulting services provided by other disciplines in…Read more
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    Mark Wicclair’s defense of conscientious objection is grounded in an effort to respect the core moral beliefs of health care providers. While such a theoretical schema has merit, this paper argues that core moral beliefs should not serve as the basis of conscientious objection in health care because we, as a community, lack reliable access to a person’s core moral beliefs and because individuals are prone to be confused about the scope and extent of their core moral beliefs. Furthermore, a perso…Read more
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    In a recent issue of this journal, Gamble and Saad offer a taxonomy of conscientious objection in health care with the aim of increasing the common ground in the debate over conscientious objection to prevent parties from talking past each other and help facilitate greater progress on this issue. Although we agree that this is an important and worthwhile project, Gamble and Saad's proposal suffers from several serious weaknesses that limit its ability to do the work set out for it. In this paper…Read more