• Altruistic Eudaimonism and the Self-Absorption Objection
    Journal of Value Inquiry 55 (3): 475-490. 2020.
  • The Self-Absorption Objection and Neo-Aristotelian Virtue Ethics
    Jeff D’Souza
    American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 920 (4): 641-668. 2018.
    This paper examines one of the central objections levied against neo-Aristotelian virtue ethics: the self-absorption objection. Proponents of this objection state that the main problem with neo-Aristotelian accounts of moral motivation is that they prescribe that our ultimate reason for acting virtuously is that doing so is for the sake of and/or is constitutive of our own eudaimonia. In this paper, I provide an overview of the various attempts made by neo-Aristotelian virtue ethicists to addres…Read more