• Nonequilibrium reactivation of Na + current drives early afterdepolarizations in mouse ventricle
    with A. G. Edwards, E. Grandi, S. Patel, P. Li, S. Miyamoto, J. H. Omens, J. H. Brown, D. M. Bers, and A. D. McCulloch
    © 2014 American Heart Association, Inc.Background: Early afterdepolarizations are triggers of cardiac arrhythmia driven by L-type Ca2+ current reactivation or sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release and Na+/Ca2+ exchange. In large mammals the positive action potential plateau promotes ICaL reactivation, and the current paradigm holds that cardiac EAD dynamics are dominated by interaction between ICaL and the repolarizing K+ currents. However, EADs are also frequent in the rapidly repolarizing mouse …Read more